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Did you ever go on YouTube thinking you’ll just be on to watch a quick music video, but then 5 hours later, you find yourself watching a tutorial on how to talk to a giraffe?

Well, that happens to me all the time and I bet it happens to you too!
People watch significantly more video content than ever before.
Social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn benefit greatly from the use of video content because according to the latest stats, video’s are a consumers’ favourite type of content.
So it’s a good thing you’re here! (pat yourself on the back… go on)

Now when it comes to creating online video content, Nova Visuals can provide services within all areas of production.
However, collaborations in this area are highly recommended!
At Nova Visuals concept, editing and directing are the main strengths.
Smaller productions can be fully created in-house, even vlogs due to Sylvia’s experience behind AND in-front of the camera.
For bigger productions Nova Visuals likes to work with talented freelance camera operators to ensure the quality of the production.
Being able to do all aspects of a video production, doesn’t mean you should do it all alone.
At Nova Visuals – quality always comes first.

I now invite you to go back down the YouTube rabbit hole and watch some of Nova Visual’s productions.

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