Sometimes the only thing you need to convey your message to the world, is a single still image.
A single still frame can hold a lot of power and create large impact.
It can show movement without moving, emotion and it can provide clarity to a (written) message.

A great photo is all about the right timing and the right visual esthetics.
Because Nova Visuals is specialized in everything visual, you could say that creating or finding the right still images comes as second nature.

Now there are many types of photography, some companies specialize in wedding photography or portrait whilst others focus on landscapes or product photography.
At Nova Visuals the main focus is photography for online content.
Think about photography for banners, websites/webshops, social media and/or articles.

Clients not only come to Nova Visuals to have photo’s created, but they also come to have existing photo’s altered, retouched and curated. Retouching photo’s one of the things Sylvia is specialized in.
Sometimes instead of having new photo’s taken, the cheapest, most effective way for companies to convey their message visually, is by having a bulk of stock images curated specifically for their company.
But of course, stock photo’s can be limiting as well. A Combination of both unique photography and stock images are sometimes preferred depending on the project. Photography concepts and storylines can also be requested if the client misses certain images on stock-sites during the curation process. Everything from concept, shoot, retouching and curation can be done in-house.

Enough reading, here are a couple of photo’s created by Sylvia…

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