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Visuals play a key role in a company’s success.
People are very visually driven, especially since the age of Social Media.
Visuals trigger feelings and emotions which play a huge role in the way a company is perceived by it’s consumer.
For this reason, a company’s visual branding is of high importance.

At Nova Visuals, the main focus isn’t just “creating a pretty design”, the focus lies on the effectivity of the design and what it will trigger in consumers when they see the design.
Nova Visuals’ strength is the ability to combine design knowledge, effectivity and beauty with creativity, emotion and intuition.

Online design is the Nova Visuals’ main focus, but print is also a possible!
So whether you are looking for a new logo, a complete brand make-over, social media content or business cards, you’ve come to the right place.

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The logo and branding of a company is incredibly important because first impressions can attract or repel clients. Nova Visuals has many years of experience in creating logo’s. On top of that, Sylvia also uses her knowledge of Feng Shui to make sure that your logo is well balanced.

How I work:
– After confirmation of the project, I will ask you a couple of questions to confirm your goals, wishes, likes and dislikes. 
– For solo-entrepreneurs I think it’s important that a logo does not only suit the company, but also suits the person behind the company.
– When everything is clear, I start sketching. I use my knowledge of Feng Shui to make sure the logo is well balanced.
– After sending one or multiple sketches, we choose what route to take regarding the logo.
– We will continue this process until you’re satisfied with the final result. At the end of the road you will have a logo that not only suits you and your company, but you’ll also have a logo that you can be proud of!   

Price indication: The price of a logo depends on your wishes.
Prices can range from €350,- to € 560,- excl. VAT for small to medium size businesses. Contact me for a price indication for your project or business.

Voorbeelden Logo's

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