Woke • Free spirit • Loves genuine & authentic people • Thinks normal is boring • Talks to animals in a high pitched voice • Natural health and Korean Skin Care enthusiast • Has a soft spot for dogs, Mini Coopers and Marvel movies • Typical Aquarius • Takes pride in being different • Sees vulnerability as strength • Doesn’t need alcohol to sing karaoke • Intuitive heart-based thinker • Hates war, dogma, negativity and brussel sprouts • Is spiritual as f*ck!

Nova Visuals was founded by Sylvia de Boer in 2010 after discovering her ability to read people’s minds… sort of… Starting out as a graphic/web designer and dance teacher during college, she started designing intuitively and quickly discovered her ability to grasp clients wishes and create work people loved.

Whether it was a logo, poster, website, a choreography or something else, her intuition, ambition, drive and passion were always at the forefront of her success. With over 15 years of experience in the creative industry, Nova Visuals is a perfect

partner for many companies to handle their visual content.

“I let my intuition guide me and use my skills to create. I like to experiment, push boundaries, think outside the box, stand out and make something unique yet commercially effective. Because I’ve got a wide range of interests and absolutely love learning new skills, I have a very broad knowledge base. I use this to add deeper layers to my work. I’m very dedicated to everything I do. My dedication comes from my drive and ambition to learn and pass on knowledge and skill.” – Sylvia

and many more..

Creative & accurate designer whom you can trust!
She thinks along throughout the entire process until the very last step. Everything is well taken care of and she provides excellent service and advice.

She’s also very quick and clear in her communication and provides excellent value for money. I would definitely recommend Nova Visuals to my network.

Michaël Kommers, Keistad Belastingadviseurs”

Professional, artistic, Adobe expert, helpful, fast and accurate
Sylvia is a professional Visual Designer with artistic ideas.
What I like about Sylvia is that she always comes up with great ideas and solutions, works fast and accurately. I highly recommend working with her! Thank you Sylvia.

Ricky Tai, ING, ABN AMRO & TaiWeb

Let's create something great together

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“I wear multiple hats because I couldn't pick just one”

Visual Content Creation
Based in Amersfoort, The Netherlands

T +31 (0)628962134
E sylvia@nova-visuals.com



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